Solutions for Detox Facilities

  • By utilizing the LaughMD Recovery app technology, healthcare providers can effectively track and monitor patients' journeys and aftercare plans. It provides a comprehensive solution that enables personalized care, data-driven decision-making, and ongoing communication between patients and providers. This ultimately contributes to improved patient outcomes and a more seamless recovery process.
  • The LaughMD Recovery app itself does not directly impact insurance reimbursement rates, its ability to improve patient satisfaction, promote positive outcomes, and collect valuable data can indirectly contribute to increased reimbursement rates. By incorporating this innovative technology into practices, healthcare providers can enhance the overall patient experience and potentially improve their financial standing with insurance providers.
  • LaughMD Recovery encourages clients to extend their stay because it enhances their healing journey.
  • Comprehensive Treatment: LaughMD Recovery may emphasize that an extended stay allows for a more comprehensive and holistic treatment approach. By providing additional time, they can address multiple aspects of a client's health, such as physical, emotional, and mental well-being, leading to a more thorough healing process.
  • Continued Support: By extending their stay, clients can benefit from ongoing support from healthcare professionals. LaughMD Recovery may highlight the availability of therapy sessions, counseling, educational programs, and other forms of support that continue throughout the extended period. This emphasis on continued assistance can help clients feel more supported and motivated to stay.
  • Stability and Structure: Extended stays at LaughMD Recovery might offer a stable and structured environment that promotes healing. The facility may provide a consistent routine, regulated meal times, medication management, and a controlled setting that minimizes external triggers, leading to improved recovery outcomes. Emphasizing the importance of this stability and structure can encourage clients to extend their stay.
  • Peer Support: LaughMD Recovery may highlight the positive impact of peer support during the healing journey. By staying longer, clients can build stronger relationships with other individuals going through similar experiences. This sense of community and shared understanding can provide encouragement, validation, and motivation for clients to continue their healing process.
  • LaughMD Recovery carefully and responsibly curates content, so your facility is never at risk. It’s a safe, cost-effective complement to traditional medications and therapies.

Solutions for Treatment Facilities

  • The LaughMD Recovery proprietary video app is a full-service comedy solution.
  • LaughMD Recovery  provides your addiction recovery treatment center a competitive advantage over others.
  • Your center gains unique brand awareness as a place that saves lives.
  • LaughMD Recovery is the best medicine not just for clients but for their caretakers, reducing workplace stress and burnout.
  • When clients are using LaughMD Recovery, caregivers are free to do other things.


There are many advantages to having the LaughMD Recovery Application at your treatment center. As a Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor, I would like to share just a few with you.

  • Insurance companies love when they can hear from the clients in their own words how their treatment is going. LaughMD Recovery provides that on several levels. The App is interactive with staff allowing clients to communicate with their therapist, case managers, and counselors. Clients have private notes they can share in their own words how the group meeting went today, how their one-on-one went today, or how their overall therapy been progressing with the treatment facility.
  • LaughMD Recovery provides a more efficient way to conduct group therapy. Imagine you are facilitating a therapeutic group and the group has been provided iPads with the LaughMD Recovery App. As you are conducting the group you’re getting direct responses back from the clients, what they are learning and what they are getting out of the group. This is a huge tool for facilitators.
  • The most common question I get asked is, “Is this billable?”. LaughMD Recovery will be a part of, and incorporate, the program you already provide. It is just a more efficient organizational tool to assist you with your daily program. When you have clients’ responses in their own words, with their own thoughts, insurance companies can theoretically track the treatment progress of clients more effectively. They get a more accurate, more honest depiction of how the client’s treatment has been progressing. And that is a huge advantage when it comes to billing and payouts. 

- Eric Hawkins

Solutions Super User




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